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Featured Resources

Examination of Recent State Transportation Revenue Initiatives

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Primer on Gas Tax Challenges/VMT Fee as a Possible Solution


National Conference of State Legislatures Transportation Funding and Finance Legislation Database


Funding Communications Report

Communicating Transportation Funding Issues offers transportation agencies practical approaches to more effectively make the case for transportation investments to the general public and key decision makers.


A 50-State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation

Transportation Governance and Finance: A 50-State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation focuses on transportation finance and the roles and relationships among the branches of state government that are most active in transportation issues.


Briefing Paper: Use of Advance Construction in Financing Transportation Projects

Through this briefing paper, Use of Advance Construction in Financing Transportation Projects, the AASHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance (CEPF) seeks to provide transportation industry professionals with a synthesis of practices across the country relating to the use of the Advance Construction (AC) technique. The use of AC across states varies widely—from consistent and aggressive use that is an integral part of a state’s financial management to more selective or sporadic use. This briefing paper presents historical trends in AC usage, identifies current practices, benefits, and challenges, and provides observations regarding future use and administration of the AC technique.


Briefing Paper: Using Performance Management Practices to Support Funding and Finance Initiatives

Current circumstances have combined to exacerbate the gap between transportation investment needs and resources. In this context, performance management is an approach to managing transportation systems that improves the efficiency and accountability of investments. Performance management has been in use for over a decade in the field of transportation, and over that time it has evolved from a focus on identifying measures and tracking performance to using performance measures in actual decision-making. This increased focus on managing with performance measures has shifted the basic question from "How are we doing?" to "How can we do better?".

A CFO's Handbook on Performance Management provides a brief overview of performance management, defining it within the context of funding and financing, addresses CFO key areas of interest, and provides several examples taken from actual agency practice.


Conference Report: Funding and Financing Solutions for Surface Transportation in the Coming Decade

Recognizing the need to address the transportation "funding gap", the AASHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance convened a forum on September 30, 2010, at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC, for members of Congress, Congressional staff, and transportation industry stakeholders.

The forum was organized around the following issues:

  • Near- and medium-term funding options for the Federal surface transportation programs
  • Current and potential future applications of Federal financing tools
  • Funding and financing initiatives that are meeting with success at state and local levels of government and whose use could be expanded

Speakers included members of Congress, representatives of state and local governments, and professionals from educational and private sector transportation-focused organizations and businesses.


NCHRP 20-24(69)A: System Trials to Demonstrate Mileage-Based Road Use Charges

This report analyzes issues associated with designing and implementing large-scale trials of mechanisms for collecting road-user charges based on vehicle-miles of travel (VMT).  Such trials are an important precursor for devising viable VMT charge systems.  They would demonstrate the functional feasibility of technologies for recording road usage, assessing charges, and collecting fees; to gauge and possibly encourage public acceptance of direct-usage fees; and to provide insights on cost and organizational matters helpful to designing and implementing direct usage-based charges.

The document describes criteria for designing trials, principal uncertainties regarding VMT fees that trials could help to reduce, and possible options for funding, organizing, structuring, managing, and conducting trials. The analysis is informed by recent trials conducted in the United States and elsewhere. The information will be useful to national- and state-level policy makers and to government officials and others who may be engaged in evaluating, designing, and implementing direct usage-based charges.


Implementable Strategies for Shifting to Direct Usage-Based Charges for Transportation Funding - NCHRP 20-24(69)

This report analyses direct charges to road users based on vehicle-miles of travel (VMT) within the next 5 years. It assesses trends in fuel-tax revenue and VMT growth and describes how current technology could be used to implement direct usage-based charges, based on recent trials in several states.


Surface Transportation Funding and Finance

This report describes the challenges associated with the Highway Trust fund and explores possible immediate and longer-term solutions including raising motor fuel taxes, replacing current motor fuel taxes with a fuel sales tax or a fee based on vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and the role of tolling, P3s, and other Federal tools.


National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission Final Report

This is the final report of the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission established in SAFETEA-LU to assess future federal highway and transit investment needs, evaluate the future of the federal Highway Trust Fund, and explore alternative funding and financing mechanisms for surface transportation.


AASHTO Transportation Revenue Recommendations
This AASHTO policy summary addresses Transportation Revenue and was developed by state transportation officials to provide information and policy recommendations on restoring the purchasing power of current highway and transit programs, and transitioning to sustainable revenue alternatives.


Making the Case for Transportation Investment and Revenue - NCHRP 20-24(62)

This report assesses recent attempts to increase investment in transportation infrastructure through local funding initiatives. It compares successful and unsuccessful cases and identifies practical tools to assess an agency’s readiness to launch a funding initiative. The research is based on 11 case studies.

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Executive Summary

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Chapter 1 - The Essential Guide for Senior Staff

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Chapter 2 - Tactical Toolkit

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Chapter 3 - Case Studies: Summarizing Lessons Learned

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Maricopa County

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New York City

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Washington State



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