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Transportation Funding & Financing

Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Program


The Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) Program provides direct Federal loans and loan guarantees to finance development of railroad infrastructure is intended to make funding available through loans and loan guarantees for railroad capital improvements. It was established by TEA-21, when initially no direct Federal funding was authorized; however, the Secretary was authorized to accept a commitment from a non-Federal source to fund the required credit risk premium. The RRIF Program was amended by SAFETEA-LU currently authorizing the FRA Administrator to provide direct loans and loan guarantees up to $35 billion. Up to $7 billion is reserved for projects benefiting freight railroads other than Class I carriers.

Further information on the RRIF Program is available on FRA's website, including:

  • Project activity
  • Application information
  • Other resources