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Transportation Funding & Financing

State Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

All states levy motor vehicle registration fees for passenger and commercial vehicles, assessed by various vehicle characteristics or combinations thereof, including a flat fee, by weight, by age, and by value. In some states, county and/or local registration fees are collected either with the state fee or separately.

Summary of State Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Schedules - Automobiles and Single-unit Trucks
(FHWA Table MV-103 Part 1)

Summary of State Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Schedules - Truck Tractors and Semi-trailers
(FHWA Table MV-103 Part 2)

Revenues collected from passenger and commercial vehicle registrations serve a wide range of transportation- and non-transportation-related purposes. Often, the costs of collection and administration are covered by these fees, with the remainder divided among state agencies and funding accounts and local subventions. Transportation infrastructure improvements, traffic law enforcement, and public safety programs are often funded.

Provisions Governing the Disposition of State Motor Vehicle and Motor Carrier Receipts
(FHWA Table MV-106)