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Transportation Funding & Financing

Other State and Local Legislation

This section of the Clearinghouse website provides information on the approvals and authorization legislation needed at the state and local level in order for departments of transportation to issue debt financing. In addition to providing the authorization to issue debt, this type of legislation also codifies the process and procedures for doing so. As such, it must reflect the unique institutional structures that are in place from state to state. While debt authorization legislation can be expected to cover the same general issues, the specific arrangements used to address them are usually unique.

This section of the Clearinghouse website also provides information on and links to other state and local legislation used to implement the different value capture techniques presented in the Local Funding section. Value capture funding takes advantage of the increase in property values that arise as a result of transportation or other infrastructure improvements by implementing new taxes and fees. A combination of state and local authorizing legislation is needed in order to put such programs in place. In addition to providing the authority to implement whatever value techniques are involved, this type of legislation also establishes the geographic coverages and timeframes for the programs, as well as the institutional arrangements needed to implement them.


Authorization for Debt Financing
Tax Increment Financing
Special Assessments
Joint Development
Development Exactions
Impact Fees
Development Agreements