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Iway (I-195 Relocation Project)
Providence, Rhode Island
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This section of the Clearinghouse website contains profiles of recent and transportation improvements around the country, focusing on the financing strategies that have been used or are being pursued to implement them. In all cases, sponsoring agencies have been given the opportunity to review the information for accuracy and all feedback they have provided has been reflected in the information presented here. The projects have been chosen to provide a range in modes, project size, location, and financing strategies. Together, the project profiles reflect the many different revenue sources, financing tools that agencies around the country are using to implement needed transportation improvements.

The project fact sheets for the informational purposed of its users. In nearly all cases. It should be noted that financing plans for projects that are still in their formative phases evolve over time and are often subject to fundamental change. This is particularly true for revenue-generating projects using stand-alone debt instruments that have not yet reached financial close. For these reasons, the Clearinghouse cannot guarantee that all the information on the fact sheets remains current. If users require up-to-date information any of these projects, they are encouraged to contact the project sponsors directly.