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I-195 Reconstruction
Location Providence, Rhode Island
Project Sponsor Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)
Mode Highway / Bridge

Iway is comprised of 16 individual projects to relocate a 45-year-old 1.6-mile stretch of I-195 and an adjacent 0.8-mile portion of I-95 through Providence. The highway is being relocated 2,000 feet to the south of its current alignment and outside the barrier which protects the 350-year-old city from hurricane flooding. The project includes 14 new bridges with a 1,200-foot, 8-lane mainline bridge over the Providence River, 25 lane-miles of new interstate, a new interchange with I-95, five miles of new city streets, and 4,100 feet of new pedestrian river walks. In addition, removal of the existing interstate will free up 20 acres of prime downtown real estate.

The mainline Iway Bridge (Providence River Bridge) has garnered national attention for its construction innovation. The bridge was largely constructed offsite to avoid more complicated barge-based construction and to allow simultaneous construction of its concrete foundation. The bridge was floated 12 miles into place in August 2006.

Cost $610 million
Funding Sources GARVEE bonds (backed by future Federal aid receipts)
Motor Fuel Tax Revenue bonds (backed by state motor fuel tax receipts)
Project Delivery/
Contract Method
Private Partner


Project Advisors/
Maguire Group Inc. - Prime consultant
Cardi Corp. - Prime contractor
Lenders Bondholders
Duration / Status The project is approximately half complete with full completion expected at the end of 2010. The previous infrastructure will be demolished and the land ready for reuse by late 2012.
Financial Status Closed
  • Part of Rhode Island's multiyear bonding strategy coupling GARVEE bonds to fund the Federal-aid eligible portion of certain project costs with Motor Fuel Tax Revenue bonds to finance the state share of project costs
  • National recognition for its unique approach constructing the Iway Bridge offsite and floating it into place
  • Widest and first three-arch network arch bridge in the U.S.; first with a skew angle in the world
  • America's Transportation Award Winner (Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials): Large Project - Innovative Management
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Project History
Contacts Dana Nolfe
Communications - Chief Public Affairs Officer
(401) 222-1362