Resources & Links

State Sites

The Caltrans Division of Innovative Finance manages a number of programs that complement traditional grant-based funding strategies to facilitate investment in California's transportation infrastructure. The division's web site contains useful information on innovative finance programs sponsored by both the State of California and the Federal Government, together with descriptions toll roads and other local projects financed by innovative means, and links to related legislation.

Florida Department of Transportation Office of Comptroller and the Office of Work Program and Budget
Provides excellent information on the many innovative programs used by Florida DOT to finance the state's surface transportation infrastructure. The site provides access to legislation and information describing the different programs both at the Federal and state levels. The site also provides information on revenue sources as well as project specific-information, and hyperlinks to related websites.

Iowa DOT
A downloadable guide to funding for Iowa transportation projects.

Michigan DOT
The in-house search engine of Michigan DOT returns several useful documents about innovative finance, including a white paper on alternative funding strategies and a description of the state's SIB.

Virginia DOT
This page describes Virginia's Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995, which established innovative finance mechanisms for transportation projects.

Washington DOT Finance Page
Washington DOT's Transportation Economic Partnerships Division promotes transportation improvements using innovative financing. Its core business areas are Economic Development, Freight Mobility, Public Private Initiatives, and Innovative Financing. One innovative finance project detailed on this site is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project.