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Trade Journals & Publications

AASHTO Journal
The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials advocates for multimodal and intermodal transportation, serving state DOTs, the U.S. DOT, and Congress. Its Weekly Transportation Report, accessible through this site, covers legislative and regulatory news on transportation, and the site search engine references previous volumes of the journal, but without specific article references.

Achieving Public-Private Partnership in the Transport Sector
Reviews current trends in transport partnerships and provides detailed case studies of three recent partnership projects.

ASCE Journal
The American Society of Civil Engineers provides online subscriber access to a wide range of professional engineering journals. It is possible to browse current and past issues by Table of Contents, and a search engine provides access to indexed articles.

The online magazine Asiamoney advertises in-depth coverage of the latest, breaking developments in Asian finance, banking, investment and treasury. Free content is limited for non-subscribers.

The Bond Buyer
The Bond Buyer is the definitive source of up-to-date information on bond offerings in the United States. It is available by subscription only both on-line and in paper format. The paper is updated daily.

CE News Online
This site provides online trade news for civil engineers. Free access is provided to the current issue, but no there are no index or links to back issues.

Civil Engineering Magazine
This site provides the latest contents of Civil Engineering magazine, the official publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The Economist
The Economist magazine online provides coverage of international news, politics and finance. Free online content is limited for non-subscribers.

The Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist Intelligence provides economic, political and business intelligence on 195 countries to EIU subscribers. Products include forecasts of the political, economic and business environment in many countries, as well as reports on strategic industries and on management trends. At the site, full site content is available to subscribers only, but some summary information is available to general viewers. The site allows online subscribing to titles, and ordering single reports or needed sections of our reports.

Engineering News Record (ENR)
Online access to ENR, the engineering industry magazine. Recent articles are listed by topic, such as transportation or finance. The site also provides up to date construction pricing information, indicating recent cost trends for key construction materials.

FHWA Innovative Finance Quarterly
This quarterly newsletter published by FHWA provides information on the latest developments in Federally sponsored innovative finance programs such as TIFIA, GARVEE Bonds, and SIB transactions. It also features descriptions of innovative projects and programs of interest launched by state DOTs around the country. The newsletter also tracks legislative changes. Copies of all issues of the Quarterly dating back to 1997 are available on the FHWA Innovative Finance Website, together with copies of FHWA's earlier Innovative Finance Newsletter.

Financial Times offers editorial analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies, and covers of a full range of business topics. At the site, you can view market surveys, industry news, and special reports. A powerful search engine conducts very refined searches for websites, FT articles, and news wire and press releases.

Infrastructure Journal
This online resource for infrastructure professionals provides global coverage of relevant topics, including transportation, finance, and privatization. In depth articles, but one must register to use the site.

Project Finance Magazine
Project Finance provides strategic information, news, forecasts and trend analysis on the project finance markets. It contains features on countries, infrastructure surveys by region and sector, agency and development bank news. It offers periodic industry- and region-specific special issues and maintains a team of 22 journalists who track current developments around the world.

Public Works Financing
Public Works Financing is a newsletter published 15 times a year. It provides project case studies, news updates, projects leads, political trends, analyses of successful financings, profiles of key industry players, a directory of the most experienced consultants and much more. It documents new roles being played by design-build contractors, developers, equipment suppliers, bankers, engineers and others in major financial transactions. It tracks the realignment of risks and rewards on publicly sanctioned projects funded through innovative public-private financial structures.

Toll Roads News
A publication specializing in tolling, describing this emerging service business and documenting the debates and controversies. It Provides descriptions of new toll projects around the world, analysis of political, legal and economic problems of toll projects, information on toll technologies, and reports on ongoing operations of toll agencies and projects.

Wall Street Journal
Published by Dow Jones & Company, Inc., the Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected daily financial newspapers in the world. It carries information on all aspects of finance and is used as a reference by nearly all financiers.

World Bank Public Policy for the Private Sector Journal - Infrastructure Finance Section
Public Policy for the Private Sector is a journal published by the World Bank. At this online site, you can browse journal articles by category, such as infrastructure finance or transportation, and find coverage of private-sector led and market-based approaches to development. Articles are available for download.

World Highways
World Highways magazine is a monthly publication addressing all aspects of highway construction and management. It provides news on designing, construction, financing, maintaining and operating major roads worldwide.