Blanchard Gold Review

Blanchard Gold Review

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Interested in potentially investing in gold through Blanchard and Company but want to ensure it’s a trustworthy option?

In this review of Blanchard Gold, we will look into the company’s history, customer reviews, overall customer experience, as well as the range of services and products they provide.

From examining Blanchard’s standing in the industry to evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, we will provide a comprehensive overview to assist you in making an informed decision about investing with them.

Let’s begin our exploration to determine whether Blanchard is a reputable choice for meeting your gold investment requirements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Blanchard Gold is a reputable company with a long-standing history in the precious metals industry.
  • Blanchard provides a variety of services and products, including buying and selling gold, silver, and other precious metals.
  • It is important to do thorough research and contact the company directly before making any investments with Blanchard Gold.

Blanchard Gold Review: Scam or Reputable?

Blanchard Gold is a well-known company specializing in precious metals and is recognized as an investment firm that prompts inquiries about its credibility: is Blanchard Gold a scam or a trustworthy organization? To ascertain the legitimacy of this company, it is important to delve into the reviews, complaints, and overall reputation associated with it.

Numerous customers have expressed positive feedback regarding Blanchard Gold, commending its transparency and excellent customer service. These satisfied individuals often emphasize the company’s dependable investment guidance and prompt delivery of precious metals.

Conversely, a few complaints have emerged concerning delayed shipments or communication challenges, although these occurrences appear to be sporadic. The prevailing viewpoint on Blanchard Gold tends towards credibility and professionalism, underlining its standing as a reputable entity within the precious metals market.

Featured Reviews

The reviews showcased for Blanchard Gold shed light on customers’ experiences, offering insights into their satisfaction levels and the quality of services provided by the company.

Customers have commended Blanchard Gold for its outstanding customer service, with many expressing appreciation for the personalized assistance they have received. The reviews overwhelmingly convey a positive sentiment, underscoring the company’s dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for each client.

Numerous customers have also highlighted the transparency and efficiency of Blanchard Gold’s operations, indicating that they felt well-informed and supported throughout their interactions with the company. The reviews depict a company committed to delivering top-notch service and fostering strong, enduring relationships with its clientele.

Company Overview

Blanchard Gold, headquartered in New Orleans, is a well-known company recognized for its extensive selection of rare coins, gold, and silver. The company offers a variety of products and services tailored to individuals seeking high-quality investments in precious metals.

With a rich history that spans over four decades, Blanchard Gold has established itself as a reputable source for numismatic treasures and precious metal investments. Their team of experts possesses a deep understanding of the market, assisting clients in making well-informed decisions.

Whether you are an experienced collector or a beginner investor, Blanchard Gold’s wide range of inventory caters to various preferences and budgets. Renowned for their dedication to customer satisfaction, the company also provides educational resources to support clients in navigating the intricacies of acquiring rare coins and metals.


Blanchard Gold is situated in the bustling city of New Orleans, providing amenities and services tailored to meet the demands of both the local community and beyond.

Located in the center of this dynamic city, Blanchard Gold’s location offers convenient access to various services, including secure bullion storageexpert advice on investing in precious metals, and a showroom showcasing an array of exquisite gold and silver products.

Along with its wide range of services, Blanchard Gold actively participates in the local community by sponsoring events, backing local charitable organizations, and advocating for financial education initiatives that enable individuals with valuable investment insights.

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Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact Blanchard Gold using the provided contact information, which includes details about the location, operating hours, and ways to engage with the community.

If you are considering a visit to Blanchard Gold’s physical location, you can locate them at 909 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 575, El Segundo, CA 90245. Their business hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

This schedule aims to accommodate both local residents and individuals from distant locations, allowing them to either visit in person or reach out by phone at (800) 880-4653. Blanchard Gold is committed to community engagement and regularly hosts educational events, webinars, and outreach programs to ensure their clients are well-informed and engaged.

User Reviews

Customer reviews of Blanchard Gold provide important information about customer experiences, satisfaction levels, and any issues or complaints raised by clients. Numerous customers have commended Blanchard Gold for their outstanding customer service and timely delivery of precious metals. Positive reviews frequently mention the company’s transparency in transactions and their quick resolution of any problems.

However, some customers have noted delays in receiving responses from customer support in specific cases. Overall, it appears that Blanchard Gold values customer feedback and aims to ensure a positive purchasing experience. Enhancing communication efficiency could be an area for improvement to further increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience

The customer experience at Blanchard Gold is crucial for shaping the company’s reputation. It involves prioritizing customer satisfaction, addressing complaints effectively, and continuously improving service quality.

Ensuring a positive customer experience goes beyond merely delivering high-quality products; it extends to every interaction a customer has with the brand. From the initial engagement to after-sales support, Blanchard Gold aims to surpass customer expectations and deliver a seamless experience.

By promptly resolving any customer issues or concerns, the company demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction. This not only cultivates customer loyalty but also plays a pivotal role in establishing a favorable reputation in a competitive market landscape.

What is Blanchard and Company?

Blanchard and Company is a reputable organization specializing in precious metals, supported by experts in numismatics and a long history of delivering exceptional services to clients seeking valuable investments.

The professionals at Blanchard and Company bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their work, ensuring that clients receive top-tier guidance on investing in precious metals. Through their expertise in numismatics, the company offers a deep understanding of the historical and collectible value of rare coins and currency.

Established on a strong foundation, Blanchard and Company has consistently adapted to market changes throughout its history, refining its strategies to meet the evolving needs of investors in the precious metals sector.

Blanchard Reputation

The reputation of Blanchard is a direct result of the expertise and dedication demonstrated by its consultants and experts. This has led to favorable ratings and a perception of legitimacy within the industry.

These professionals are key in shaping how Blanchard is perceived by both clients and competitors. The ratings garnered by the company often mirror the high standards upheld by these experts, further solidifying its standing as a trustworthy and reliable entity in the field.

Concerns regarding legitimacy are consistently addressed, with a strong emphasis on transparency and ethical practices. This unwavering commitment to upholding a positive reputation has played a crucial role in positioning Blanchard as a reputable player in the industry.

Blanchard Pros and Cons

Evaluating the merits and drawbacks of engaging with Blanchard Gold entails considering factors like delivery efficiency, billing procedures, and the overall standing of the company in the market.

When examining delivery efficiency, Blanchard Gold has received acclaim for its swift order fulfillment and secure packaging, ensuring that clients receive their precious metals in optimal condition and within the specified timeframe. However, some customers have noted occasional delays in delivery, which could affect immediate investment plans.

In terms of billing procedures, Blanchard Gold upholds transparent pricing structures, assisting clients in comprehending the associated costs. Despite this, there have been instances where discrepancies in billing have emerged, resulting in confusion and discontent among certain customers.

Services and Products Offered by Blanchard

Blanchard provides a wide range of services and products, such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)bullion bars, and alternative investments, to cater to clients looking for a diverse selection to enhance their portfolios.

Whether you aim to secure your retirement with a traditional IRA or diversify your wealth with physical gold and silver bullion bars, Blanchard offers the expertise and resources necessary to navigate the complex world of investment instruments.

For individuals keen on exploring alternative investment options, Blanchard’s offerings encompass rare coinstax-deferred investments, and other unique opportunities that can contribute value and stability to your overall portfolio strategy.

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FAQs about Blanchard

The frequently asked questions about Blanchard cover a variety of topics, ranging from customer support and educational resources to wealth management strategies. These questions provide valuable insights for individuals who are considering engaging with the company.

Many people often wonder about the level of customer support provided by Blanchard. The company is renowned for its commitment to addressing customer inquiries promptly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for all clients.

Furthermore, Blanchard offers a diverse selection of educational resources to assist clients in making informed decisions about wealth management. These resources include articles, webinars, and one-on-one consultations with financial experts. Clients frequently find these resources to be beneficial tools in comprehending their investment options and making well-informed financial decisions.

Before Investing With Blanchard

Before you jump into any investment decisions with Blanchard, it’s important to take into account certain factors like wealth protectioncustomized investment strategies, and Blanchard’s expertise in precious metals.

Protecting your wealth is a key aspect to consider when it comes to investing. By partnering with Blanchard, you can take advantage of strategies that are designed to fit your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Drawing on Blanchard’s knowledge in precious metals can help you build a well-rounded portfolio that protects your assets.

Their dedication to providing tailored advice ensures that your investment strategy is personalized to meet your specific requirements and goals. Opting to collaborate with Blanchard means tapping into a wealth of expertise in investment planning and safeguarding assets to help secure your financial future.

Contacting Blanchard and Company

For inquiries or consultations, individuals can contact Blanchard and Company through their customer support channelsonline platform, or by engaging with a financial advisor. Whether one prefers connecting via phone, email, or live chat, Blanchard and Company provides various customer support options tailored to individual needs.

Their user-friendly online platform offers convenient access to account informationmarket updates, and educational resources. The team of experienced financial advisors is available to offer personalized consultation and assist in navigating investment decisions.

Leveraging these communication channels and expert guidance can greatly enrich one’s investment experience with Blanchard and Company.

Final Verdict

Blanchard and Company Alternatives

Considering alternatives to Blanchard and Company involves exploring other investment services, such as mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), to broaden portfolios and discover a variety of financial options beyond precious metals.

Mutual funds are a popular choice for investors seeking access to a diversified portfolio managed by professionals. These funds combine funds from multiple investors to invest in a range of assets, offering immediate diversification without the requirement for individual stock selection.

On the flip side, ETFs provide the flexibility of stocks but with the diversification of mutual funds. They are exchanged on platforms, making them simple to purchase and sell throughout the trading day.

Additionally, other financial services, such as robo-advisors and alternative investment platforms, provide unique possibilities to expand investment horizons and explore new pathways for growth.

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