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Review of USAA’s Gold IRA

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USAA is renowned for its dedication to serving military members and their families with a wide range of financial services. While USAA offers numerous investment options, one thing it notably lacks is a Gold IRA. 

Drawing from our experiences and research, we will explore USAA's offerings, their approach to precious metals, and the best alternatives for those interested in investing in a Gold IRA.

This comprehensive analysis will help you make an informed decision about your retirement savings strategy.

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What to expect from this article:

  • An overview of USAA and its financial services
  • Details on USAA’s approach to precious metals
  • Explanation of why USAA does not offer Gold IRAs
  • Benefits of Gold IRAs and reasons for their popularity
  • Alternatives for Gold IRAs from reputable providers

Overview of USAA

USAA, or the United Services Automobile Association, is a well-established financial services group that primarily serves military members and their families. Founded in 1922 by a group of Army officers, USAA has grown to become one of the most respected financial institutions in the United States. 

Its mission is to provide highly competitive financial products and services, specifically tailored to the unique needs of military personnel and their families. USAA's dedication to its members is evident through its comprehensive range of services, including banking, insurance, investments, and retirement planning.

USAA's Financial Services

USAA offers a wide array of financial services designed to meet various needs of its members. Each service is crafted with the same high standards and commitment to excellence that USAA is known for.

Banking Services

USAA provides robust banking services that include checking and savings accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and mortgages. Members can benefit from low fees, competitive interest rates, and a network of over 60,000 ATMs nationwide. The USAA mobile app enhances banking convenience, allowing members to manage their accounts, deposit checks, and pay bills from anywhere.

USAA's checking accounts often feature no monthly fees, and savings accounts come with competitive interest rates. Personal loans are available with flexible terms and reasonable interest rates, making them accessible for a variety of financial needs. 

Credit cards offered by USAA come with attractive rewards programs and low-interest rates, catering to different spending habits and financial goals. Their mortgage services provide comprehensive support for homebuyers, including VA loans with favorable terms for military members.

Insurance Services

USAA is highly regarded for its comprehensive insurance offerings. It provides a range of insurance products including auto, home, renters, life, and health insurance. USAA’s insurance policies are known for their competitive rates and excellent customer service. The company’s dedication to its members ensures that they receive tailored coverage to meet their specific needs.

Auto insurance from USAA includes benefits like accident forgiveness and flexible payment options, ensuring that members can manage their policies effectively. Home insurance policies are designed to protect against a wide range of risks, offering coverage for natural disasters, theft, and more. 

Renters insurance is available for those who do not own their homes but want to protect their belongings. Life insurance options range from term life to whole life policies, providing financial security for families. Health insurance plans include coverage for medical expenses, giving members peace of mind.

Investment Services

USAA’s investment services cater to a wide range of investment strategies and goals. Members can access brokerage accounts, mutual funds, and various other investment products.

USAA offers tools and resources to help members make informed investment decisions. Whether members are looking to save for a child’s education, plan for retirement, or build wealth, USAA provides the necessary support and guidance.

Brokerage accounts with USAA come with low fees and a variety of investment options, including stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Mutual funds offered by USAA are managed by experienced professionals and cover a wide range of asset classes. 

USAA also provides managed portfolios for those who prefer a hands-off approach, where investment decisions are made by experts based on the member’s risk tolerance and financial goals. Educational resources, including market analysis and investment planning tools, are readily available to help members make well-informed decisions.

Retirement Planning

USAA offers a variety of retirement planning services to help members secure their financial futures. These include Traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, and annuities. Our findings show that USAA’s retirement planning services are designed to provide members with the flexibility and options needed to plan effectively for retirement. The company’s financial advisors are available to assist members in creating a retirement strategy that aligns with their goals and risk tolerance.

Traditional IRAs offer tax-deferred growth on investments, while Roth IRAs provide tax-free growth, giving members options based on their current and future tax situations. USAA’s 401(k) plans are tailored for small businesses, providing employees with robust retirement savings options. 

Annuities offered by USAA can provide a steady income stream during retirement, adding another layer of financial security. Financial advisors at USAA work closely with members to develop personalized retirement plans, ensuring that all aspects of their financial futures are considered.

USAA's Approach to Precious Metals

While USAA offers a wide range of investment services, they do not currently provide Gold IRAs. Our research indicates that their investment philosophy emphasizes diversified portfolios with a mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets. USAA’s approach to precious metals is generally conservative, focusing on mutual funds and ETFs that may include some exposure to gold but do not directly offer a Gold IRA product.

USAA’s investment strategy is built on the principles of long-term growth and risk management. Precious metals, while valuable, can be volatile and may not align with the stable growth strategy USAA promotes. 

Instead, USAA offers mutual funds and ETFs that provide indirect exposure to precious metals, allowing investors to benefit from the potential upside of gold and other metals without the risks associated with direct ownership. This approach ensures that members’ portfolios remain balanced and diversified.

Pros and Cons

  • Tailored Services: Specifically designed for military members and their families.
  • Competitive Insurance Rates: Known for favorable insurance products and discounts.
  • Comprehensive Banking: Offers a wide range of banking services with member-friendly features.
  • Excellent Customer Service: High ratings for customer satisfaction and support.
  • Strong Investment Options: Provides diverse investment services, including retirement planning.
  • Limited Availability: Services are only available to military members and their families.
  • No Gold IRAs: Does not offer specific investment options in precious metals IRAs.
  • Potential for Higher Fees: Some financial products may have higher fees compared to competitors.

Why Gold IRAs Are Popular

Gold IRAs have become increasingly popular among investors for several reasons:

  • Hedge Against Inflation: Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation. When the purchasing power of paper currency declines, the value of gold tends to rise, protecting investors' wealth.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Including gold in a retirement portfolio provides diversification. This can reduce risk because gold often moves inversely to stocks and bonds, offering a buffer during market downturns.
  • Safe Haven Asset: During times of economic uncertainty or geopolitical instability, gold is considered a safe haven asset. Investors turn to gold to preserve their wealth when other assets are volatile.
  • Long-term Value: Gold has historically maintained its value over the long term. Unlike paper currency, gold cannot be printed or debased, making it a stable store of value.
  • Tax Advantages: Gold IRAs offer the same tax advantages as other IRAs, including tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals (for Roth IRAs). This makes them an attractive option for long-term savings.

Best Alternatives for Precious Metals IRAs

For those specifically interested in investing in Gold IRAs, several reputable alternatives can provide the specialized services and products that USAA does not offer. Here are three highly recommended companies:

#1 Goldco

Goldco is a well-known provider of Gold IRAs, praised for its excellent customer service and comprehensive investment options. Goldco specializes in helping investors diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals.

They offer a range of gold and silver products, along with personalized guidance to help investors make informed decisions. Goldco’s reputation for reliability and expertise makes it a strong alternative for those considering a Gold IRA.

Goldco has built a strong reputation by focusing on transparency and education. Their team ensures that investors fully understand the benefits and risks associated with precious metals.

They offer a seamless process for setting up a Gold IRA, providing all necessary assistance, from initial consultation to finalizing the investment. Additionally, Goldco offers competitive pricing and fee structures, making it an attractive option for those looking to include gold in their retirement strategy.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in numerous positive reviews and testimonials, highlighting the company’s dedication to building long-term relationships with their clients.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • Wide range of precious metals options
  • Transparent pricing
  • Minimum investment required
  • Fees can be higher than some competitors

#2 Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals stands out for its commitment to education and transparency. The company provides extensive resources to help investors understand the benefits and risks of investing in Gold IRAs. 

Augusta offers a wide selection of gold and silver products and has a straightforward, no-pressure sales approach. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and clear communication makes them a preferred choice for many investors.

Augusta Precious Metals emphasizes an educational approach, ensuring that clients are well-informed before making any investment decisions. They provide detailed guides, webinars, and one-on-one consultations to help investors navigate the complexities of Gold IRAs.

This educational focus helps clients make confident, informed decisions that align with their long-term financial goals. Moreover, Augusta’s customer service is highly rated, with representatives available to answer questions and provide support throughout the investment process. Their transparent pricing and clear fee structure further enhance their appeal, making them a reliable and trustworthy option for those considering precious metals.

Pros and Cons

  • Educational approach to investing
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Variety of gold and silver products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Limited to gold and silver
  • High minimum investment

#3 Lear Capital

Lear Capital is another excellent option for those interested in Gold IRAs. Known for its comprehensive range of products and services, Lear Capital offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments.

The company provides detailed information and support to help investors make the best choices for their retirement portfolios. Lear Capital’s emphasis on security and customer education ensures that investors are well-prepared to navigate the precious metals market.

Lear Capital distinguishes itself with a strong focus on investor security and education. They offer a wide array of precious metal products, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios beyond just gold and silver.

The company provides a wealth of educational materials, including market analysis, investment guides, and expert consultations, to help clients make informed decisions.

Additionally, Lear Capital ensures that all transactions are secure and compliant with industry standards, giving investors peace of mind. Their customer-centric approach, combined with a robust educational platform, makes Lear Capital a top choice for those looking to invest in a Gold IRA.

Pros and Cons

  • Straightforward setup process
  • Strong customer service
  • Transparent pricing
  • Wide range of precious metals
  • Higher fees for some services
  • Mixed customer reviews regarding transaction transparency

Final Verdict


In conclusion, while USAA does not offer Gold IRAs, it remains a top choice for a broad range of financial services tailored to military members and their families. For those specifically interested in Gold IRAs, companies like Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, and Lear Capital offer specialized services and products that can help diversify and secure retirement portfolios with precious metals.

By carefully evaluating the options and considering your unique financial goals, you can make well-informed decisions that align with your investment strategies and risk tolerance.

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